Welcome to my funeral home website!

Maybe you are dropping by because you are interested in the same subjects that I am, maybe because you have lost someone close to you.

I started this web page because I want to help you with the processes around the final saying good bye, the time between death and funeral.

My profession is called undertaker or mortician, in German the word is Bestatter. In my previous life I was a passionate midwife and had the honor of accompanying families on their journey. And I still love existential processes.

A funeral means so much more than a burial. It´s a saying good bye. And the way we live our losses makes up a great deal of our quality of life. When someone dies, we are in a confronting situation, extreme feelings may occur and grief and pain can mix everything up. If we manage to take time now, if we can live these feelings and react according to them, we can gain transformation instead of trauma. Maybe you need someone who has been on that „rock“ before. Having someone by your side, heaviness is so much easier to carry. I would like to be that person by your side.

I don´t have an office, because I visit people at home. That is, where it is often easier to talk  things through. Do not hesitate to phone or write, and during our meeting we will discuss the details.

Where do you want to say good bye to the dead body of your person?

Who do you want to take care of him or her and perform the last rites?

How and in which order do you want things to happen now?

When and how do you want to have a last feast/celebration of life for and with him or her?

What do you want to organize yourself and what do you want to leave to me?


Contact me for „harbour talk“ in the middle of life or in the acute situation of „weighing anchor“